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The Buffalo King

The Buffalo King, a richly textured and momentous film, follows James (Scotty) Philip from his meager upbringing to his success in saving the American bison from extinction. An original preservationist in the 1890s, he disdained the wanton slaughter of buffalo and used this dark moment in history as a driving force for something greater.

Disregarding failure and peril, Scotty displayed true grit as he pursued the American Dream. In this film, the iconic buffalo becomes a symbol for strength and resilience, an inspiration to one's life today. An authentic Western story about an unsung hero, THE BUFFALO KING tells of an adventurous young boy who grew into the 'Man who saved the Buffalo.'

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Best feature documentary, south Dakota Film Festival, 2013

Prairie Spirit Award, Fargo Film Festival, 2014

Directed by: Justin Koehler

Produced by: Justin Koehler and Aaron Pendergast

Audio Mix: Brooke Saelens

Editor: Aaron Pendergast

Cinematography: Justin Koehler and Aaron Pendergast

Assistant Camera: Chris Canfield

Assistant Editor: Scott Schulte

Narrated by: Denielle Fisher Johnson

With original music by: William Ecker

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