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Red City Radio Update...Among Others

Hey friends!

The guys in Red City Radio have been in Europe for the last few weeks and haven't had time to send us their edits on the final piece. Unfortunately we won't be able to share until those last changes are made. That being said, we hope to have it in front of your eyeballs very soon! 

In other news...about a year and a half ago we assisted with the logistics and execution of video production and editing for an academic research study. Yesterday we were informed that this study was presented at a number of conferences and was accepted into the Journal of Research in Music Education. The article will be published next year. 

And finally...Ratio Brewing's Second Anniversary Party! This was a blast to shoot (Dan Andriano is one of my favorite musicians...) and also happened about a year and a half ago. The audio was recorded by Ratio, and I never heard back after my last email asking about the files. I don't know if/when I'll get the audio files if at all. The in-camera stuff was recorded for syncing purposes and is not short, this will likely never see the light of day, which is really too bad because I feel like we got a lot of good stuff. As the saying goes, worse things happen at sea. 

That's all for now!