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2017 Wrap Up and 2018 Plans

Hello everyone!

2017 was an exciting year with Floating Horses official release and an INCREDIBLE festival run. I am humbled and honored to have been part of such a great film. 

Quick recap on that note, our official total for 2017 is: 18 festivals and 7 awards! For details please check out the Floating Horses page. 

2017 was not all good however, we suffered a number of delays and cancelations on other projects last year. 

In 2018 our current plan is to finish some outstanding films (most notably Of Mics and Men). We also hope to wrap up the edit on a live performance video (still waiting on the audio files almost a year later, so not much I can do about this) but if they come through, we'll make it happen! We will have some updates on Floating Horses wider distribution and maybe (fingers crossed) another festival or two for 2018. Expect the distribution news sometime in April. 

Most exciting for 2018 is our next feature length documentary film! We hope to have some information in regard to that project sometime in Q2. 

As always, thanks for watching!